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St Mary’s Church Rushden

St Mary’s church dates from c1350 constructed from local ironstone and limestone in grand perpendicular style.

Design and specification utilises low pressure hot water heating in the church, old hall and new hall provided by a modular boiler located in the original underground boiler room in the church yard. Church radiators are traditional cast iron, conventional steel panel radiators are fitted in both halls.

The original church boiler was solid fuel, replaced by an oil fired boiler. In due course this was changed to a new natural gas fired boiler when the gas mains were extended to Rushden. The original boiler chimney in the nave of the church required re-building. The church authority rejected a proposal to erect a new external flue system. A concealed flue gas dilution system was accepted.

The high efficiency modular boiler satisfies the heating requirements of the 3 buildings under the zone control system.

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